What Our Patients Say


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“Not long ago, I acquired a mysterious dermatitis that one Dermatologist diagnosed as Psoriasis.
In a previous and preliminary discussion, after asking a few pertinent questions over the phone, Dr. Mahdavi suggested that my symptoms were consistent with a Fungus infection.
Later, after skin and blood tests were performed by a more reputable Dermatologist, Dr. Mahdavi’s hypothesis was proven to be correct.
As a qualified medical examiner, Dr. Mahdavi combines analytical and academic aptitude with holistic, intuitive and nutritional knowledge, not only to diagnose and treat the symptom and the cause, but to heal and strengthen the total body, promoting preventative medicine as well.”

-K. Kamali

“Because Dr. Mahdavi starts each treatment with physiotherapy including therapeutic ultrasound,electrical stimulation, heat pads and massage therapy by a professional massage therapist everything is loosened up and I’m forced to relax.
After trigger point therapy and adjustment, Dr. Mahdavi teaches me different therapeutic exercises that I can do at home. My visit isn’t over until I understand exactly how to do the correct motion. My shoulder is so much stronger now, I can even do Yoga.”
– R.D. – Sports Injury

“As a nurse, my injury was especially scary. I was in the middle fo giving CPR when numbness pread throughout my hand. I couldn’t continue and another nurse had to take over. I looked into getting surgery, but was concerned when I found out about the possible side effects and the time it would take to heal. Dr. Mahdavid treated me with Cold Laser Therapy and after just one session, I was able to return to work.” –
D.A.- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

“I was having severe lower body pain for more than a year before I discovered Dr. Mahdavi. My doctor gave me pain killers and physical therapy in the beginning, but neither worked. Then I tried and acupunturist, another chiropractor and two different massage therapist, but the pain just got worse. After my first session with Dr. Mahdavid, I noticed an immediate difference. By my third visit the pain was gone. She knows how to find the source of pain and how to treat it. Dr. Mahdavi also discovered that I have Facet Arthritis, based on my x-rays and consultation with my doctor. She recommended supplements that have reversed the symptoms. Dr. Mahdavi’s understanding of alternative healing and Western medicine is what makes her so effective.”
-T.P. – Impingement of the Sciatic Nerve

“My arm no longer bothers me. I can type and even sleep on my side without any pain. Dr. Mahdavi is awesome! She really cares about your recovery”
– A.R. – Repetitive Motion disorder