Asthma: A Drug-Free Approach

What triggers your asthma?
• Pollen, dust or dander?
• What about smoke or airborne odors?

Asthma is an allergic and inflammatory reaction which causes your lungs to constrict their airways, making breathing very hard.

Your Science Based Nutrition professional will focus on not only decreasing your allergic reactivity but also on restoring your healthy immune function. In allergic reactions, your body mistakenly views otherwise harmless substances like tree pollen as dangerous invaders and begins an inflammatory process to protect the body.

Diagnostic testing such as blood work and biomonitoring which is the practice of testing blood, urine and other fluids for the presence of environmental chemicals as well as other tests, such as lung function studies, will help identify exactly what underlying conditions or deficiencies are contributing to the allergic process of your asthma attacks.

Then we will work to eliminate or control your exposure to any reactive substances and foods. Chiropractic adjustments may also be recommended.

Asthma attacks can have serious consequences so don’t wait to schedule your appointment. Proper testing, then retesting to ensure progress and effectiveness of the program is essential.